Operation: Mindcrime – Resurrection

resurrection_mediumFirst off, Operation: Mindcrime are not a band. It may look that way but this is Geoff Tate’s solo career with a bunch of hired hands under a band name. Nothing wrong with that, many bands are like that, but this project is all about Tate, he’s the singer, frontman, leader and the one that calls all the shots. Why am I writing this then? Well, the fact that Tate is the captain of this ship might worry some people. Why? Well, his old band Queensrÿche were really close to going under when Tate did what he felt like with that band. The last few Queensrÿche albums were also more or less Tate’s solo albums, written and recorded by him and producer Jason Slater and the rest of the guys hardly played a note on them. Those are albums that has few fans around the world, because, well, most of them are really bad and they nearly cost Queensrÿche its career. Also, the first album that Tate made with his own version of Queensrÿche, Frequency Unknown, only proved what many fans had feared, Tate had completely lost it musically. When Tate decided to name his new outfit after his former band’s most popular and best-selling album, it was clear that he wouldn’t leave Queensrÿche completely – the way I see it, to take a name like that is to paint yourself into a corner somewhat. Why not just let the past be past and just start over? Well, be that as it may, Tate’s new career is in full bloom and last year, the band released their debut album The Key, an album that came with a lot of low expectations for many people, including me.

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One comment on “Operation: Mindcrime – Resurrection

  1. Ugh. Whhyyyyyyyy would he start his album with four non songs? This sounds really disappointing except for the few good tracks.

    I like jazz, but there is such a thing as bad jazz. Ugh again!

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