Evergrey – The Storm Within

evergrey-16I must admit that it took me some years to really get Evergrey. Fact is, when the band debuted with The Dark Discovery in 1998, I thought that they were a death or black metal band and since I’m not a big fan of neither, I never bothered to check them out then. I still haven’t heard that record, or the follow-ups Solitude, Dominance, Tragedy (1999) and In Search Of Truth (2001). My first run-in with the band was when I heard their version of Dilba’s (a Swedish female pop singer) mega hit “I’m Sorry”, a ballad so I figured that this lot just might not be a black or death metal band after all. Around the same time a friend of mine gave me a burnt copy of their then latest album Recreation Day (2003) because “I just HAD to listen to that band”, he stated. And he was right – the album was brilliant and since then, I have followed Evergrey with every album, but unfortunately, I have only seen them live one time – at Sweden Rock Festival last year, a very good gig. But even though I have liked all their albums since then – some more, some less – it would take them a while to make an album that held the same high quality as Recreation Day. The two follow-ups The Inner Circle (2004) and Monday Morning Apocalypse (2006) were both good, but they still left me somewhat disappointed because many of the songs were too uneven and lacked the really high tops. It was with Torn (2008) that, in my opinion Evergrey started to find their way back up again. Without being a masterpiece, the album at least held the same quality as Recreation Day. Due to internal issues that made three members leaving the band, it would take Evergrey three years to finally give us a new album, but Glorious Collision (2011) was sure worth the wait and it became their best album to date. However, the line-up changes continued so another three years went by until Evergrey’s finest hour to date, Hymns For The Broken (2014) was released and again, it was sure worth the wait. This is an album that knocked me for six and it remains in my iPhone to this day.

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