Suicide By Tigers – Suicide By Tigers

suicide-by-tigers-albumMy first reaction when I got the download link to this album was to the name of the band. Suicide By Tigers! What a brilliant name – I just love it. My second reaction after reading the press release was that isn’t the market of retro bands digging back into the seventies starting to get somewhat saturated by now? I mean, the scene of retro rockers are so full that it is getting hard to feel the least aroused every time a new band comes along talking about their heroes from back then? To be frank, my first reaction when I read about SBT’s Led Zeppelin, Free and Taste influences was a big sigh and a quiet “oh my, another retro band, how intriguing”. But then again, there are some really amazing bands that has come around in later years that does this so damn well – like Rival Sons and Scorpions Child – that it would be foolish not to give a band like this a fair chance.

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