Cruzh – Cruzh

Cruzh albumThe first time I laid eyes on their name, I thought Cruzh were a metal act from Poland or Russia or some place like that. Fact is, I didn’t even know how to pronounce it. Now I know better. Of course, Cruzh is the word “crush” misspelled. I’m not sure why they felt they had to use a z instead of a s, maybe they were trying to be different but I think it runs the risk of confusing people. Well, enough about the name, Cruzh – Tony Andersson on lead vocals and keyboards, Anton Joensson on guitars and Dennis Butabi Borg on bass (with session drummer Louisian Boltner who played on the album) – are an AOR trio from Sweden that rose from the ashes of glam / sleaze rockers TrashQueen, Anton’s and Dennis’ former band. They hooked up with Tony who they knew from when he worked as a studio musician on the never released TrashQueen album when they noticed that they all shared huge affections for AOR and melodic rock, presumably mostly from the mid eighties. At first the guys decided to not reveal who they were and when they introduced the band online in 2013, the page only showed three silhouettes and the line “Get ready for the Cruzh”. This was, of course, a marketing thingy that they hoped would make people talk about them and trying to create a buzz. It kind of worked because when the band revealed themselves for the release of their debut E.P. Hard To Get, it got some raving reviews world-wide and so was also the case of its follow-up E.P. Aim For The Head. By the time we were writing 2015 in our calendars, Cruzh were in the works of recording yet another E.P. when they got a call from Frontiers records and were offered a deal with them.

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