Steven Tyler – We’re All Somebody from Somewhere

Steven-Tyler-Were-All-Somebody-From-SomewhereHere’s a dude who needs no introduction. If you read this and feel like you need to be told who he is, you haven’t only been living under a rock for the last 40 years, you are probably still living there. That’s the only info I will write about mr Steven Tallarico. This solo album has been a really long time coming, I don’t remember exactly when it was first outed that Tyler was about to release a solo album but it must have been a year or so since that happened. A single (at least I think it was one), “I Make My Own Sunshine” has been out for quite some time now (more on that later) but the release of the album sure took its time. In later years, the Aerosmith situation has been turbulent – to put things mildly – and there was even talk of the rest of the band looking for another singer to tour with (Lenny Kravitz, Sammy Hagar and even Sebastian Bach were mentioned as a replacement), but that never happened. Of course, there is no way in Hell that Aerosmith would work without Tyler, that guy is irreplaceable, but there sure were cracks in the Aerosmith camp. Tyler seemed to have lost interest in moving forward with his band and except for shorter tours (they played Sweden Rock Festival in 2007 and 2010), nothing really happened with the band between 2004 and 2012 when the band finally released their latest – and very underrated – album Songs From Another Dimension. One of the reasons for that down time was that Tyler wanted to establish his brand, the brand “Steven Tyler” and he was involved in nonsense like sitting in the jury for American Idol with Jennifer Lopez among others.

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7 comments on “Steven Tyler – We’re All Somebody from Somewhere

      • Hahaha thanks man. I enjoyed your review, and I can see that you put an effort into being fair. Very commendable. I would be willing to bet that a year from now, you’ll never listen to it again. (Why would you when you can listen to Aerosmith?)

  1. You are a brave man. Thanks for taking the first step in the dung pile.

    I was close to buying this but when I read the comparison to Billy Ray Cyrus I am so glad I saved my money.

    Ohh I miss the old Aerosmith with all my achey brakey heart.

    • Haha. Yeah, me too.
      But to cut ole Stevie some slack, this record isn’t as bad as Cyrus, lots better actually. It is just more Cyrus than Cash. Mike’s phrase “Hollywood country” hits the nail right on its head.

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