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ppicn_cage9_11e72deeI don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes when I look at the name of some band, I just know what kind of genre they belong to without hearing a second of the music. That means that if I have it in my head that the band in question belongs to, say, power metal – or nu-metal or modern American radio metal, I just lose interest and doesn’t even feel like reviewing it at all. That’s stupid, of course, because half of the times, I’m wrong and sometimes when I’m right, I end up liking the album anyway. Cage9 are such a band. When I got the download link and saw their name, I just knew that they were one of the millions of bands that plays modern metal / hard rock, the stuff that’s being played on the radio everyday, that goes in one ear and out the other. But being the music nerd I am and the fact that this guy had bothered to send me the link, the least I can do is to check it out and make an effort to write something about it. Cage9 are based in Los Angeles but were formed in Panama City and they have been around for some 10 plus years (the online info is somewhat confused, though. It says that the band was formed in 1999, but also that their debut album was released in 1995 – an equation that doesn’t really work…) and have throughout the years released no less than nine albums prior to this one.

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