Tarja – The Shadow Self

Tarja - The Shadow SelfIt’s not very often that I get to review two albums by the same artist the same year. Back in June, former Nightwish soprano Tarja Turunen released a record called The Brightest Void, an album that according to herself, shouldn’t be seen as a real album but more of a foretaste of what’s come later in the year, August 5th to be more precise. Since Tarjas’s previous solo albums had left me both cold and underwhelmed, Colours In The Dark (2013) excluded, the record came as a very pleasant surprise. For the first time in her solo career, Tarja and her band sounded focused and the songs felt way more direct and in-your-face and many of the tunes stuck right away. It also brought up some expectations for this release – the main one. Well, that it raised the expectations might be to exaggerate a bit but at least I was hoping that the album would follow the taster quality wise. But it could also be the other way around, that the songs on the predecessor were the only great ones and that the main album would disappoint big time.

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