Jackyl – ROWYCO

aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRmltYWdlLmloZWFydC5jb20lMkZpaHItaW5nZXN0aW9uLXBpcGVsaW5lLXByb2R1Y3Rpb24taW5ncm9vdmVzJTJGSU5ncm9vdmVzLjc3OTguMDUtMjctMTYlMkZhbGJ1bXMlMkYwMDg4MTAzNDEyMzA2MCUyRjAwODgxMDM0MTIzMDYwLmpwZw==Hands up everyone who has longed for a new album by Jackyl. Or everyone who knew that the band even still existed. Or anyone who actually know who Jackyl are. I will put my hand up for the last one because I clearly remember the first time I saw Jackyl on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball where they showed their debut single “I Stand Alone” from their self titled 1992 album. Their AC/DC meets Southern rock meets pop shipped their debut album platinum “over there” and they had some hit singles like “Down On Me” and the blues rocker “The Lumberjack” where lead singer Jesse James Dupree actually plays a solo on a chainsaw (!) – the band were very close to making it at a time when grunge had started to make a big fuss with bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam selling records by the pound. But you can never heat up a soufflé, something many bands before them had learnt the hard way. The follow-up Push Comes To Shove (1994) was a pretty good album, but Jackyl tried to write their debut all over again, even bringing out the chainsaw again. Cool as f’**k once, a desperate move twice! The band’s third album Cut The Crap (1997) bombed completely, something not even an appearance from AC/DC’s Brian Johnson could have prohibited by then. Jackyl even got lumped into the “hair metal” moniker (stupid, stupid, stupid name!) together with Warrant, Winger, Poison, Slaughter and all the other pop-metal bands for some unexplained reason.

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