Heart – Beautiful Broken

Heart - Beautiful BrokenI have been pretty rough on Heart in my reviews for their recent albums and it’s nothing I enjoy one bit. See, I love Heart. I never got into their 70’s and early 80’s albums because, well, I didn’t know about Heart back then. The first Heart song I ever heard was “If Looks Could Kill” from their self titled come back album back in 1985 and the song really left me breathless. Of course, I instantly bought that record and I fell in love right there and then. The follow-up, Bad Animals from 1987, was just as good and I love both records to this day – despite the horrendous  production. The producer in question was, of course, Ron Nevison so it comes as no surprise that the production stinks – he spent the whole 80’s trying his best to ruin rock records and he succeeded every time! My favorite Heart record is to this day, Brigade (1990), this time produced by Richie Zito – a good choice as Zito’s work is superior to Nevison’s. The golden era of Heart – for me – ended with the underrated Desire Walks On (1993), a more dark and serious piece of work but still with all the great melodies they are known for. For ten years the Wilson sisters Ann (lead vocals) and Nancy (guitar and vocals) pursued other musical projects, like The Lovemongers before finally reuniting Heart in 2004. But it was a different Heart that we got.

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4 comments on “Heart – Beautiful Broken

  1. In the US the material from Fanatic and Red Velvet Car is what most people know Heart by and prefer. They started in the 70s as a hard rock band with a folk edge like Zeppelin, and that’s where they developed their reputation with Americans. Their 80s “hair metal” period is viewed by Americans as their sell-out period and although it sold a lot of albums you never hear the hits from that period anymore (aside from an occasional Alone or If Looks Could Kill) and the music is viewed as disposable. In the US their 70s material such as Magic Man, Barracuda, Heartless, and Straight On are still heard in high rotation on rock and classic rock stations.

    And their hit from 1990 called “All I Wanna Do is Make Love To You”? It’s viewed as one of the worst songs ever; fans and Heart alike abhor that song for it’s terrible lyrics and overly poppish melody.

    In short, the Fanatic and Red Velvet Car albums were viewed as a return to form for Heart in the US (both made the Top 25 and RVC made the Top 10), and the band has never been respected more or been more beloved than it is now. The critics uniformly view these new albums as Heart’s best music since the 70s. It’s interesting how the views in the UK are so much different, but I’d guess the difference is that Americans knew Heart’s 70s music whereas in the UK no one was really exposed to them until their sell-out period in the late 80s.

    • That’s cool, I didn’t know that. The Wilson sisters are extremely talented so more power to them. I’m glad that they still are successful because they really deserve it.
      Yes, it interesting that it differs so much. For me personally, MY Heart are the Heart of the 80’s because that’s when I discovered them. I live in Sweden and here their latest albums hasn’t made any impact at all. That said, I know that Heart would sell out any venue in a minute if they would come here to play.

      Thanks for visiting and that you left a comment. 🙂

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