Crazy Lixx – Sound of the LIVE Minority

53b526a9b6bc3185a09475c5aaaf3d24_SThe way I see it, live album has run their course. Think about it, when was the last time you heard a live record that made you go apeshit right away? It was back in the seventies and maybe early eighties when live albums were a force to be reckoned with, today every band releases a live DVD after each world tour and most live albums doesn’t even sound live. Yeah, I know, live albums were full of overdubs back in the day as well, but those albums sounded live, they had a spark, passion and they kicked ass. Hard. Kiss Alive and Alive II, Thin Lizzy’s Live And Dangerous, Deep Purple’s Made In Japan, UFO’s Strangers In The Night, Scorpions’ Tokyo Tapes, Queen’s Live Killers, Cheap Trick’s At Bodukan and The Ramones’ It’s Alive are all classics, furious rock albums that didn’t take no prisoners and rocked the living daylight out of us – and they all came out in the seventies. The 80’s gave us a few live killers as well – Whitesnake’s Live…In The Heart Of The City, Iron Maiden’s Live After Death and Scorpions’ World Wide Live were all awesome, but since then I can’t think of any really great live albums released even though there has been a few that are ok. So, when I hear that a band is about to put out a live record, I just shrug my shoulders – live albums just don’t seem that interesting any more. But there are exceptions. For example, I know that Swedish melodic rockers H.E.A.T. are a killer live band and therefore I just had to check out their 2015 release Live In London and that record really rocked, the same with Live Down Decadencia Drive by Shotgun earlier this year – two albums that both felt and sounded real live, much because I know how damn good both bands are on stage. Crazy Lixx are another melodic hard rock band that, even though I love their records, I think are even better live so a live album from them is something that, at least to me, is a must to check out.

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