Q5 – New World Order

Q5NWOTo most people, even rockers, Q5 might not be a well-known name, but the fact is, this band is responsible for one of the greatest underground cult classics ever. I remember listening to Steel The Light (1984) back when it was released and all of my friends loved that record. I thought that Q5 would be one of the biggest metal bands, but that – as we all know – never happened. Little did we know that Steel The Light would be hailed as a classic metal / hard rock album by hard rockers all over the world some 30 years after its release. But the biggest reason for Q5 never climbing up to the big league was released the year after, in 1985, and was called When The Mirror Cracks, one of the biggest sell-outs I have ever heard in my life. That album is so different to its predecessor that it doesn’t even sound like the same band. All the heaviness, the big groove, the big, dynamic and ballsy sounds had been replaced by bleeping synthesizers, electronic drums and lame pop melodies that would make Nelson sound like a death metal band in comparison. I am 100% sure that Q5 lost pretty much all of the respect they got with their debut album and that most of their fans took their interest to other bands instead because of that album.

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