Wolf Hoffmann – Headbanger’s Symphony

474632Wolf Hoffmann needs no introduction. If you – as a rocker – haven’t been living under a rock deep in the woods for the last 30 years, Wolf Hoffmann’s name should at least ring a bell. But ok, for you who have been living under said rock, Wolf is the guitar player for German metal band Accept and has been their guitarist since the beginning. Today, he and bass player Peter Baltes are the only original members in that band – and the guys who writes all Accept’s songs as well. Accept have in the last few years been making big progress in their comeback that took place in 2010 – the band more or less had to start from the beginning again when they hired American Mark Tornillo as the replacement for the charismatic Udo Dirkschneider. So after three successful albums where the latest one, Blind Rage, turned out to be one of the best albums Accept ever made, guitarist Wolf Hoffmann breaks loose to release a solo album. As I had no clue of the fact that Wolf had already released one instrumental solo album back in 1997 called Classical, this solo album came a s a bit of a surprise. And just like Classical, this one is an instrumental album made of old classical music pieces covered as metal songs. For Accept fans, Hoffmann’s fascination with classic music interpreted as metal isn’t any thing new – for instance, we all remember him throwing in “Für Elise” as a section in the solo in “Metal Heart” back in 1985.

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3 comments on “Wolf Hoffmann – Headbanger’s Symphony

    • Yeah, well, you have to take it for what it is. It’s 9/10 for a instrumental record but I would still take most Accept-albums over it- Still, a damn good album.

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