Fates Warning – Theories of Flight

461826First a confession: To me Fates Warning were never anything but a Queensrÿche light. Yes, I know that both bands started out pretty much at the same time and that they probably share influences more than any of them being influenced by the other. But Queensrÿche became bigger quicker and when I first lent Fates Warning an ear, I was already a Queensrÿche fan since many years. The first time I heard Fates Waring was when Headbanger’s Ball played the video for “Eye Eo Eye”, the first single off their then brand new album Parallels (1991). For a Queensrÿche fan as myself, that song was pure heaven and I bought Parallels the following day. Now, I have never heard the John Arch fronted line-up that released their first records Night On Bröcken (1984), The Spectre Within (1985), Awaken The Guardian (1986) and No Exit (1988) and it took me quite a while to finally get my shit together and give the debut Ray Alder sung album Perfect Symmetry (1989) a spin, but I have no doubts that Fates Warning were never better than on Parallels, neither before or after. The follow-up Inside Out from 1994 was a really good album, but nowhere near its predecessor and the next album to be released, 1997’s A Pleasant Shade Of Gray sure had its moments but was to me underwhelming and to this day I can’t remember one song on that record. That’s when I lost interest. That means that I haven’t heard a note from the following albums Disconnected (2000) and FWX (2004).

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