Scorpion Child – Acid Roulette

SCORPIONCHILDcdMany moons ago (a few years actually) I was in this Facebook music group where we posted music videos, Spotify links and YouTube audios of artists known and unknown that we liked and hoped someone else would pick up on. I liked that group but of course, there’s always have to be some dip-shit that ruins it for everyone else and starts behaving like a dick, so I left the group. Too bad because I have picked up quite a lot of cool, new music from there. One day, a guy posted a video by this Texan retro rock band called Scorpion Child. At first it didn’t interest me as I didn’t like the name and the video looked like some amateurish home-made work of art and besides, it had been raining old retro acts for quite some time that had one or both their feet in the 70’s and it was actually getting a bit overmuch. But soon I saw the many positive comments and checked it out properly. What hit me like a ton of bricks was, yes, this was hard rock, 70’s retro stuff, but this lot was heavy and melodic with melodies to die for. Of course, I had to check out their self-titled debut album, released in 2013 and of course, the damned thing blew me the f**k away – hard! Needless to say, I bought the CD right off the bat and the record still holds a safe place in my phone.

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