Rival Sons – Hollow Bones

457305In all honesty, I’m not sure how objective I can be when it comes to writing a Rival Sons review. I mean, sure, if the album sucks, it sucks, but the thing is, I pretty much worship these guys. But the thing is, I was a late bloomer when it comes to this band. When I finally got my thumb out of my ass and gave them a chance, their third album Head Down (2012) had been out for quite a while, like a year or so which also meant that I also missed all of their concerts in Sweden including their appearance at Sweden Rock Festival in 2012. How stupid! How come a music nerd like yours truly decides to skip a band that is shit hot and plays the kind of classic rock that he loves so much? Well, because of the hype, that’s why. See, I can be a really stubborn, obstinate and bull-headed grumpy fuck when I choose to and sometimes when the hype gets too big, I just turn around and refuse to give in. Again, how stupid! But of course, there was not a chance in Hell that I wouldn’t come around sooner or later – I knew in the back of my head that someone would play me THAT song, the song that would make go “Damn!” and succumb to the hype and that is exactly what happened.

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