Tarja – The Brightest Void

Tarja - The Brightest VoidFormer Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen will release her fourth full length album “The Shadow Self” on August 5. That’s a line I read not too long ago. Ok. Now, since Tarja’s solo albums has left me cold and very underwhelmed, I took that in but didn’t care to read any info about the album. So, all of sudden, just like the man in the box, a new Tarja record is being released on the 3rd of June. Ok, now what? Also, it had the wrong title. Hmm, something fishy was up. I mean, release dates are being put back all the time, but I have never heard of a record that is being released before its release date. Of course, this wass not that album – just a little taster of what’s to come. See, Mrs Turunen has done things the other way around – instead of releasing the leftovers a few months or so after the main album is put out, she released those songs before it. Maybe that is a smart move, time will tell.

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