Jorn – Heavy Rock Radio

cover9188_413858Here we go again – another covers album. A part of me wants to give it a 1/10 just for the hell of it, because I’m pretty fed up with covers albums. But then again, even though most of them suck, there are a few that are the exceptions to the rule. Stryper did a really good one and so did Tesla and Ace Frehley. But when it comes to Norwegian big voice Jorn Lande, a covers album is almost to prefer. Let me explain. Jorn is a damn brilliant singer, somewhere between Ronnie James Dio and David Coverdale, but as a song writer he’s not all that, to be honest. His solo albums aren’t exactly crap or even bad, they just are – nothing sticks. Well almost nothing. But when Jorn lends his vocal chords to projects like Avantasia and Ayreon, he pretty much own those records. The first albums with Masterplan are also where Jorn shows his greatness. Last year he and former Wig Wam guitarist and song writer Trond Holter released Swing Of Death, a rock opera that described the story of Count Dracula through the eyes of the Count himself. I’m not sure if the subject of Dracula was that shit hot, but the songs on that album were bloody amazing so now that Trond is Jorn’s guitar player, maybe there will be some order in the song writing department as well. That’s why a cover album from Jorn isn’t all that bad, if he just chooses the right songs, there’s a good chance that this album will come out really good. Besides, he once made a killer version of former Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen’s “I Walk Alone”, a song that was only decent with Tarja herself. And judging by the track list, at least half of the record are made of very unexpected and unpredictable songs. Still, done right, even the most predictable and unimaginative choice of song could turn out great. That is very rare, though.

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