First Signal – One Step Over the Line

One Step Over The LineI know that most people will go “Who?” when the see this review. Well, First Signal isn’t a band per se, it’s another one of those Frontiers Records projects. When I first heard about the project in 2010, I showed little interest because frankly, I’m usually not that big on projects, but then I saw that Harem Scarem singer Harry Hess had been hired as a singer together with song writer and producer Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69) and since I have a real weak spot for Harem Scarem, I just had to find out how the self titled debut album sounded. And I’m really glad I did. The album was packed with AOR and melodic rock of the finest brand. Naturally Harem Scarem came to mind but also Journey influences were all aver the album. I was hooked and still today I truly love that album.

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