Yngwie Malmsteen – World on Fire

World On FireWhat’s to say about Yngwie Malmsteen that hasn’t already been said? I mean, the guy has always been a rock star – still is – and everybody, at least in Sweden, knows who he is. Even people who isn’t the least interested in hard rock and metal knows of him. Hell. even my granddad knew of him. Me, I have been a Malmsteen-fan since I first heard his debut solo album Yngwie J Malmsteen’s Rising Force (1984). Back in the day, I missed out on both Steeler and Alcatrazz, but in my book, neither were anything to write home about – without Yngwie those bands wouldn’t have been of any interest at all. All the follow-ups – Marching Out (1985), Trilogy (1986), Odyssey (1988) and Eclipse (1990) – were killers, in my book. Love those records. After those, the quality on the records started to fade even though he did release some really great records later on. The Seventh Sign (1994), Facing The Animal (1997) and Alchemy (1999) are all awesome records, but after those records, Yngwie hasn’t managed to release anything worth of interest, give or take the odd song or two here and there. The biggest problem have been the production on his records. I get the feeling that Yngwie have become jaded and just don’t give a shit how his albums sound as long as he gets to release a shitload of them – quantity over quality instead of the other way around.

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6 comments on “Yngwie Malmsteen – World on Fire

  1. OOFT. Has Yngwie lost perspective? I think he has.

    I took like the Seventh Sign album. I should dig it up for review. I think I have the Japanese with bonus track.

    • Oh, he have released some good albums after that one but in the last 15 years, nothing decent has come out of him.

  2. Wow this review is brutal but honest. f I were Yngwie I would make lots of changes. This is back to back bad albums now. I think relentless was blah so this is third album in a row for me. I havent been to any of his shows since Patrik Johansson left the band. His current band literally sounds like a garage band. What is Yngwie doing? Your going to lose a lot of fans man if you keep this up. I am utterly disappointed. Yngwie had such high expectations to his music and the musicians he hired to play. Now its like he doesnt care anymore. Seriously if your in a slump right now dont make music just for the sake of it. Take some time off personally and regroup. I hope someone in your inner circle will tell you this cause the Yngwie way just aint cutting it right now.

    • I agree with you on all accounts, Jose. But it went wrong even before Relentless. Perpetual Flame was pretty horrid as well, even the Doogie White albums wasn’t all that great. In my opinion, Yngwie hasn’t released anything worthwhile since Alchemy.

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