Lacuna Coil – Delirium

DeliriumIt’s a well-known fact that hard rock and metal have always had a big following in countries like Greece, Spain and Italy which have led to that there are a pretty large group of musicians and bands from those countries. One thing that has been going through my mind is when the first really big band will rise from, say Italy, a band that will go out and tour arenas around the world and headline festivals and so on. I have heard of Lacuna Coil since the mid nineties, in fact, I had a big crush on lead singer Cristina Scabbia long before I heard a note from the band. The crush is gone since long, but Scabbia is still a drop dead gorgeous woman. The first album I ever heard with the band was Karmacode from 2006 – a damn brilliant record, in my opinion. Without having heard the previous three records (still haven’t), I thought Karmacode was the album where everything fell into place. Not only are all the songs great, but the whole package showed potential to take the band to the top.

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