Erika – Deaf, Dumb and Blonde

Erika – Deaf Dumb BlondeIt was back in the late 80’s / early 90’s that us Swedes first heard of blonde bombshell Erika, then with Norberg as her last name. She had become Yngwie Malmsteen’s new girlfriend and since everybody and their mother in Sweden knows who Yngwie Malmsteen is, Erika’s face was pretty much everywhere as well. But Erika wasn’t just a someone’s girlfriend or wife – she did marry Yngwie later on – she was also a singer. In 1990 she was all over the radio with her AOR song “Together We Lost”, a single that outsold Yngwie by far. The song was an enormous hit and so was the follow-up “Hurting So Bad”, which made her debut album Cold Winter Night go platinum and Erika went from Yngwie’s wife to superstar in her own right. Because even though Erika wasn’t (and still isn’t) Ann Wilson or Robin Beck as a vocalist, she had (and still has) a good voice with a very personal sound – you can hear that it’s Erika singing by the first word – and the album is actually really good. Yes, I write is because even though the production might be somewhat dated, the music still holds up.

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