Violet Janine – Between Red and Blue

Between Red & BlueI wonder how many out there there are with just the slightest clue who this band is. See, this lot haven’t been around for that long, so it is not strange at all if your reaction is: “Violet Who?” or “Janine what?”. Well, the band is based around lead singer Janine Nyman and lead guitarist / song writer / producer Daniel Palmquist, a guy that sure has been around the block of melodic rock. Palmquist have contributed to AOR bands such as Find Me, Norwegian singer Issa and melodic metal band The Murder Of My Sweet among others, so it’s an experienced and urbane musician and song writer the band have recruited. The rest of the band consists of lead guitarist Mano Lewys, bass player Basse Blyberg (House Of Shakira) and drummer Ian Brunnberg. For us Swedes – well at least for us rockers that calls Stockholm and its suburbs our home, Janine Nyman isn’t that new, she’s been around for a while now, playing (often acoustic) around clubs and smaller places. Also, there have been two singles by Violet Janine out for a few months now (“Down On My Knees” and “So Much More”, more on those later), but to be honest, the news of the record pretty much showed up right out of the blue a few weeks ago.

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