ToxicRose – Total Tranquility

12585_lIt’s never been cool to like bands such as this. If you like bands like this, you will never be given any credibility. Bands like what, one might ask? Well, bands such as ToxicRose, bands with a very strong image, with very much spiked up hair, shitloads of make-up and extreme outfits for the stage. See, in the world of “real” musicians, it’s not cool unless the artist you’re watching is a fat, balding, aging guy, wearing a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers, standing on stage with his shoes nailed to the floor. “I only need the music”, they say. “Bands like this only use a strong image and a huge stage show to hide that they can’t play”. Rubbish! When you’re listening to a record, those things don’t matter much, but music has always been visual and when I pay big bucks for a concert, I bloody damn well want something to look at as well. To cite Nikki Sixx: “A big show and strong image can only make a good concert better, but it can never make a bad concert good”! Ain’t that the truth, folks!

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