Sunstorm – Edge of Tomorrow

sunstorm-16Melodic hard rock label Frontiers do love their projects that more than often features some really famous AOR and melodic hard rock musicians. Just as often these projects’ contains song writing credits by song writers belonging to the label and other times, hired hands are brought in to make sure there is high quality material for the projects to be. Sometimes it works out really well – projects such as Nordic Union, Revolution Saints, First Signal, Allen/Lande and Place Vendome has been successful in both quality and in sales, other times the records are nothing but a shrug. The thing with Frontiers is that they keep washing albums out over us in a really fast pace, new constellations here, new constellations there until it almost gets a bit overmuch. It’s really hard to keep track of every new project that gets released. On the other hand again, it’s really exciting when they do come up with the right musicians for the project in mind.

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