Ted Poley – Beyond the Fade

200x200My life has never been as Danger Danger related as it has been the last year (s). Since July 2015 I have seen the band live one time (I also must count their brilliant gig at Sweden Rock Festival in 2014), I got the amazing debut album by The Defiants that features D2 members Bruno Ravel, Rob Marcello and Paul Laine (ex-singer) and now I sit here with lead singer Ted Poley’s brand new solo record, his fourth since his debut album back in 2006. Since I have never been that big a D2-fan – I have always liked them, but they were never a band I put much focus on – I really don’t know much about Poley’s career apart from Danger Danger and his solo stuff, but a quick google search tells me that Poley have been a really busy and hard-working man. Danger Danger and his solo career aside, Poley has released quite a few records in his days as a rock star. Take a look at this: Mr Speed (one album), Prophet (as a drummer, one album), Danger Danger (five albums), Bone Machine (three albums and one DVD), Melodica (three studio albums, two live ones), Poley/Pichier (one album), Pleasure Dome (one album) and Poley/Rivera (one album) and then there are his four solo records – that’s 19 records since 1982.

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