Phantom V – Phantom V

Phantom VIt is 1987 and the 19-year old me is glued to the radio as I always am once a week to listen to Sweden’s then only radio rock show Rockbox. All of a sudden, this brilliant track comes on and it just blows me f**k away. The song was called “Ready 4 Reaction”, the album it was taken from was called Fireworks and the band responsible for this was called Bonfire. Another track just as good – “Champion” – was played later in the show and by those songs I decided that that record was a must-have for yours truly. Said and done, the album was bought and damn what a killer it was – and still is. I thought Bonfire would be huge and of course, their debut Don’t Touch The Light (1986) was also purchased and even though it wasn’t as good as Fireworks, I still found a lot to dig on it. Unfortunately, Bonfire would never make such a killer record again. Needless to say, Bonfire never became the huge band I thought they would be. The follow-up, Point Blank (1989), sure had its moments but it couldn’t hold a candle to its predecessor. Even though, they put out a couple of really good albums later on – Knock Out (1991) and Fuel To The Flames (1999) – the rest of the band’s discography have been somewhere between mediocre and ok and even a really crap one – The Räuber (2008).

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