Vega – Who We Are

Vega - Who We AreOne thing I have been thinking about lately is why I sometimes choose not to check out certain bands and artists. I mean, I read about all sorts of bands and there are quite a few that fits right into the categories where my musical taste runs, but something just makes me skip quite a few of them. One reason is that there are just too many records being released and too many new bands coming along for the ride. I just can’t find the time and sometimes I just have to sort out which band to give a break and which to not pay any attention to. I know that I might miss out on some good bands that way, but on the other hand, I have enough records to listen to to last at least one more lifetime – or at least it feels that way ever so often. British melodic rock / AOR outfit Vega are such an act. As a reader of British rock mag Classic Rock Magazine, Vega is hardly a new name for me as the band have been featured in said mag quite the bit. Vega were born back in 2009 and have to date released four albums including the new one  – Kiss Of Life (2010), What The Hell (2013), Stereo Messiah (2014) and this one that you’re about to read my thoughts on.

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