Shotgun – Live Down Decadencia Drive

Shotgun liveShotgun Messiah were the Swedish hard rock / metal / glam band that were close, so very close to making it really, really big. The band was formed in Skövde, Sweden as Kingpin back in 1985 by guitarist Harry K Cody, bassist Tim Tim (who later changed his name to Tim Skold), drummer Stixx Galore (who later dropped Galore) and singer J.K. Knox. A few years later Knox left the band and the band got hold of former Easy Action singer Zinny Zan (who changed his name to Zinny J San). Rumors has it that they were trying to get hold of Hanoi Rocks singer Mike Monroe first, although that has never been confirmed. The band got themselves a record deal and released the critically acclaimed debut album Welcome To Bop City in 1988, sporting a cover so full of colors, Poison looked pale in comparison. They looked like they had robbed a candy store. But the glam was just looks, musically they were heavy, groovy and catchy and they had nothing in common with bands such as Poison or Pretty Boy Floyd. It didn’t take long before America opened its eyes and record companies smelled success. They signed with Relativity Records and moved to sunny California to be part of the ongoing hard rock scene over there. Due to legal reasons, the name Kingpin had to go and they renamed the band Shotgun Messiah and in 1989 they released a re-mixed version of the Kingpin album, this time self-titled. That album shipped gold over there and the big break was just around the corner.

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