Treat, Klubben, Stockholm 2016-04-30

TreatThis thing was really a release party for the band’s brand new record Ghost Of Graceland and a bit of a celebration that since the release, April 15th, the album had charted in many European countries and also in the US. But a release party usually happens like this: You get in the venue where the album is played in the speakers over and over and over and the band comes out and mingles a bit until it’s time for them to take the stage. Usually five or six songs are being played, most of them new ones and after that, it’s time for signing records and shirts and stuff while we all party like it’s 1999. It didn’t happen exactly like that this night. This was more set up like an actual gig with a signing session afterwards. Nothing wrong with that, but the whole night ended pretty quick after the band had played their gig and the fans had got their stuff signed. Some more heavy partying wouldn’t have hurt, but a few of us hit the town instead so we did get our share of beer anyway.

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