Shiraz Lane – For Crying Out Loud

Shiraz Lane - For Crying Out Loud_0One thing that always comes to mind when I read the press release for an album – especially when it comes to a debut album – from a new band is that the A&R guy / girl always overdo things and exaggerate things. See, said band is always the hottest thing since music was invented and THIS band have made a record so bloody brilliant that they will sell ten times platinum and change the world of hard rock as we know it. Of course, the disappointment is imminent every time this happens, even when you take said press release with a big pinch of salt. I don’t get this at all. Why not just chill and give a fair introduction of the band, explain how they sound, their influences and give some cool info about the members and what their music and lyrics are all about? Everything worth doing isn’t always worth overdoing, peeps. So when I started to read the press release for Finnish melodic hard rockers Shiraz Lane debut album, that was what I expected – exaggeration deluxe.

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