Black Stone Cherry – Kentucky

ArticleSharedImage-60102The only surprising thing with the fact that Black Stone Cherry named their latest album Kentucky is that it took them five albums to do so. Just like Bon Jovi were synonymous with New Jersey – and therefore named their fourth album that – Black Stone Cherry are just as synonymous with Kentucky. The two bands might not have anything in common musically, but both of them have been true to their home towns throughout their careers and just as Bon Jovi had a denim Bon Jovi – New Jersey shield on their cover, very stripped and naked – a perfect and the only choice for an album like that, Black Stone Cherry put the old farmhouse where they used to – and still do, if I’m not misinformed – rehearse. Both bands consists of home town boys, working class people that love their birth place more than any other place on Earth. I like that. I really dig when rock stars keep it simple and home-grown. Of course, Jon Bon Jovi has gone too big for his own good and have become a huge star with a big head, something mr New Jersey, Bruce Springsteen, never became. But Black Stone Cherry feels real, very down to Earth and easy-going without any signs of any big-headedness at all – and make no mistake, Black Stone Cherry have come a long way since their start in 2005 and their brilliant self-titled debut album in 2006.

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