Dynazty – Titanic Mass

dynaztytitanicQuitting is for quitters! I guess that’s how the boys in the Swedish melodic metal five-piece sees it. Because after lots of line-up changes, bad reviews from pretentious know-it-alls and sales that haven’t matched the quality of their music, the guys just refuse to call it a day – the love for the band and playing music wins every time. The band started out in 2007, formed by guitarists Love Magnusson (then known as Rob Love) and John Berg, bass player Joel Appelgren (then known as Joey Fox), drummer George Egg and lead singer Nils Molin (then known as Nils Molin…) as a melodic hard rock band with influences from AOR, glam, sleaze and some metal on top. I first got acquainted with the boys when producer Chris Laney played me some songs from the demo he had just produced for the guys in Polar studios. I must admit that even though I heard that the guys were brilliant musicians, I wasn’t that impressed – I couldn’t hear anything that stuck. Well, that demo was later released as their debut album Bring The Thunder in 2009, released by American label Perris records and after watching the guys live at their release party, I started to get it. I bought the record and when I blasted it in my car the day after, my mind had changed.

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