The Defiants – The Defiants

The Defiants STFirst a confession: I have never been much of Danger Danger fan. Not that I think they’re a crap band, they’re not, I think they have written some really good songs and I have had the pleasure of watching them live a couple of times lately and as festival band, they’re killer – perfect party music on a sunny day. But for me, they have always passed as a more glammy, second-rate Bon Jovi. They had the big hair, the flashy clothes and those AOR-ish choruses that made me sing along but never really meant anything. Needless to say, I don’t own any Danger Danger albums. So why bother bringing them up here, one might ask? This is not a Danger Danger review. Well, this record is Danger Danger related – and then some. See, all three members of this little side project have one time or another been a member of Danger Danger. Bruno Ravel, the guy who handles bass duties here is not only the bass player in Danger Danger but also the main song writer and founding member of that band, the singer Paul Laine – if you’re into melodic hard rock in the vein of early Bon Jovi, check out his album Stick It In Your Ear from 1990 – replaced the original singer Ted Poley in 1993 and sang in that band until 2004 when the band reunited with Poley and guitarist, Swedish born Rob Marcello (ex – Ron Keel and currently the guitarist in melodic rockers Laney’s Legion – no relation to former Europe guitarist Kee Marcello what so ever) joined D2 back in 2003 and his only studio work with the band is on their 2009 album Revolve.

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