Treat – Ghost of Graceland

TREATGHOSTI remember sometime in the early – mid 90’s, if you went public with being a Treat fan then trendy rockers looked at you like you were some kind of an idiot. I mean, back then even a band like Europe were looked upon as some kind of musical pariah so just think what people thought of Treat. But I have never been ashamed of the music I like and I just don’t give a shit about whats hip and what’s not. I have on many occasions told people that Anders Wikström have more talent in his pinky finger nail than all of the grunge or nu-metal musicians combined. When Treat started back in 1985 they were looked upon as the new Swedish hard rock hope, second to Europe. Their debut album Scratch And Bite – with members Wikström on guitars and keyboards, singer Robert Ernlund, guitarist Leif Liljegren, bassist Ken Siewertsson and drummer Mats “Dalton” Dahlberg – spawned two huge hits in Sweden in the uptempo half-ballad “Get You On The Run” and the power ballad “We Are One” and quickly became a really sought after live act. Their second record The Pleasure Principle (1986) – with new drummer Leif Sundin who replaced Dahlberg who had left to start his own band Dalton – didn’t bring out any big hits but was a success anyway, a kind of unusual thing back in the 80’s. But it was with their 1987 album Dreamhunter (that album NEEDS a re-mix, re-master or better yet, a re-recording – great songs, lousy sound) and again a new drummer in Jamie Borger (ex- Six Feet Under) that the hunt for world-wide success began.

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