Lee Aaron – Fire and Gasoline

Lee Aaron - Fire And GasolineI was never really a Lee Aaron fan. I’m old enough to remember when her most famous album Metal Queen (1984) came out, but to be honest, what hit me the most was the pictures of a very light dressed Aaron, her clothes revealed more than they hid. I never bought that record, a friend of mine had the record and taped it for me and not that I thought it was bad, I didn’t and still don’t, it was just that it wasn’t good enough to spend money on – for a 16-year-old kid, you need to spend your record money carefully and wisely, see. After that, I more or less forgot about Lee Aaron for a couple of years until we wrote 1987 and I had turned AOR big time. A friend handed me his copy of Lee’s then new self-titled album and that one got me hooked like crazy – I did buy that one, but for some reason I never cared enough to follow Aaron’s career after that. Lee Aaron was born Karen Greening back in 1962 which makes her a very young-looking 54 year old – she looks at least 10 years younger than that. At least! The name Lee Aaron was the name of the band in the beginning but it soon became synonymous with the singer pretty fast.

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2 comments on “Lee Aaron – Fire and Gasoline

  1. I really wanted this to be great. Lee’s done some great jazz stuff and her voice in undeniable. But she’s always had issues coming up with a full album of great songs.

  2. Uh-huh. I went through a bunch of her old videos yesterday and I couldn’t find anything I liked, really. Most of them sounded like a second rate Warrant or something.
    There are some really great songs on this record, but they are few.

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