Lords Of Black – II

lordsofblackiiThis must be Lords Of Black’s second album. I mean, this one is called II, so there must be a debut album around somewhere from these guys. The reason I write this is that I have never heard of this band in my life and yet they already have an album out. I mean, I should have at least read about them somewhere, one might think. And now they’re on Frontiers Records. Ok, let me see, if you’re named Lords Of Black you don’t play AOR. Or melodic rock. Or classic rock. Not likely, anyway. When I saw the band’s name the first time – and the cover of this record – I thought of a black metal band. Or maybe a death metal one. At least a power metal one. But Frontiers is specialized on melodic rock and AOR, I thought. But, when I checked out the press release, one name caught my eye – Ronnie Romero! Wasn’t this the Chilean guy that Ritchie Blackmore hand-picked to front his new version of Rainbow that will be touring this summer? Sure, it was. And all of a sudden it stood clear why the Lords Of Black are on major label for the new record.

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