Bombus – Repeat Until Death

325546-empThe first time I heard Bombus, I didn’t like them. Someone posted a video on a forum and hailed the band as the best thing ever, kind of. I didn’t agree one bit. I don’t remember which song it was, but I thought it was noisy, lacked structure and the song didn’t stick one bit. Besides, I hated the name. I have issues with bands that have names that I find crappy or stupid. That’s not very smart, I know, but I’m getting better at ignoring myself when those thoughts comes along. Well, I kept on not liking Bombus for a while until one evening when me and a couple of friends had a vinyl night at my place. We drank beer and listened to vinyl records. And played Rock Science. That’s a parlor game, for you who don’t know that. One friend brought his copy of Bombus’ second album The Poet And The Parrot (2013), which he cranked at full volume (well, almost…). That was when it hit me – the album was good. Really damn good.

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2 comments on “Bombus – Repeat Until Death

  1. This sounds awesome. I hope they someday tour over here in Canada. I will be there. I may order this album as well.

    9/10 sounds pretty good for a band you wrote off at first. Did they really change that much between their early stuff and this album?

    • No they didn’t. I haven’t heard their debut at all, but the biggest change from their last album is in the production. I really like their last album, The Poet And The Parrot as well now. Do check them out.
      If you like the videos that came with my review, you’re safe to order both their albums, I can almost guarantee that.

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