Magnum – Sacred Blood “Divine” Lies

Sacred Blood Divine LiesIt can never be said enough – I just love old reunited bands that refuses to just play the nostalgia act, bands that stays relevant and keep on releasing new music despite the fact that record sales aren’t that high anymore, bands that stays creative and thrives on moving forward and refuses to stay in the past. I look at bands such as Stryper, Europe, Winger, Whitesnake and Journey and I’m so happy that not only do they release new music on a pretty continuously basis, but the quality of their records are extremely high and in many cases even better than in their hey day. And then there’s Magnum. This is a band that have ben very productive in the last 10 years or so and they put out records in a pretty fast pace, something that – even though they tour frequently in between records – do not affect Tony Clarkin’s song writing in a negative way at all. Considering that they guys – well, at least original members guitarist Clarkin and singer Bob Catley – are in their late sixties, that’s quite impressing, if you ask me.

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