Rick Springfield – Rocket Science

RICKSPRINGFIELD_RSWhen I was growing up, well in my twenties and a huge fan of melodic rock and AOR, I never considered Rick Springfield rock at all. To me, he was just a pretty boy with nice little pop songs like “Jessie’s Girl”, “Love Somebody” and “Souls” and I never ever listened to a Springfield  record back to back. To be honest, I never even had a Springfield record in my home, never even borrowed one from a friend – I just wasn’t interested. But back in 1988, my brother brought home Springfield’s then brand new album Rock Of Life which he had borrowed from a friend. I took the time to listen through it after my little brother had been raving about just how awesome it was and lo and behold, wasn’t the little bastard right. For once. I mean, he was the little brother, he didn’t get me into new music, I was the one showing him the new stuff, dammit! Well, with song like “World Starts Turning” and “Tear It All Down”, I realized that Rick Springfield was rock alright. Maybe not the harder kind but this was right in the vein of the stuff that dominated my record collection at the time.

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