Avantasia – Ghostlights

Avantasia - GhostlightsWhat was once Tobias Sammet’s “little” side-project to his day-job as the singer and song writer in Edguy, looks more and more to take over his musical life completely – and no one is happier for that than me. The happy-go-lucky sounding power metal that is Edguy’s signum was never my can of beer – in fact, I really dislike that kind of music. So the fact that Sammet decided NOT to kill off Avanatasia – like he said he would – after the brilliant twin release of The Wicked Symphony and  Angel Of Babylon (2010), has turned out the smartest thing he could have done. He even brings out Avantasia on the road these days – must cost him a fortune with all those musicians – which probably have gained the project some well-earned respect and a some new fans as well. I wonder how many new fans Avantasia got after their magnificent performance at Sweden Rock Festival in 2013, but my guess is that quite a few people discovered the greatness of the band there. And more people will find out when they play there in 2016.

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