Resurrection Kings – Resurrection Kings

Resurrection Kings coverSo, what to do when you’re in a band owned by a singer that tragically passes away? Well, most musicians starts over again and forms a new band. Then there are those who, after a few (and sometimes many, many) years decides to reform the old band without the old singer, that’s the guy who was the band in the first place. Like Thin Lizzy did. But after just one tour under the Lizzy moniker it was clear – and this everyone should know by now – that it was never a Thin Lizzy reunion, it was just some old members paying tribute to Philip Lynott and the music they made together. So they went on a few tours and played all those majestic songs for people who wanted to hear them and there are a lot of us out there. If you have a problem with them doing so, then go talk to somebody. Then there was Ronnie James Dio who so sadly left us all behind in 2010 and left a huge gap in the music and rock world. In 2012 some guys from the Dio camp decided that enough was enough and that Dio’s music should continue to be heard, so they formed the Dio Disciples – guitarist Craig Goldy and drummer Simon Wright got together with guys such as Björn Englen (bass) and singers such as Oni Logan and Tim “Ripper” Owens.

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