Megadeth – Dystopia

DystopiaI think it’s kinda fair to say that Dave Mustaine and his Megadeth have lived in Metallica’s shadow from go. Still I think that the Metallica – Mustaine connection should have been over and out ages and ages ago because Dave Mustaine is a guy good enough to live and rock without having to feel bad about him not being in that band anymore and when you consider the fact that he wrote lots and lots of great songs that made Metallica famous, it feels unfair that Mustaine always felt threatened and inferior to Hetfield, Ulrich & co, at least that’s how things have looked from where I stand. See, even though I really dig Metallica up until the album that made them huge, the so-called Black Album from 1991, I don’t think that Metallica have released anything worth while at all and today, I don’t even call myself a fan anymore. With Megadeth, it was the other way around for me. There was some good stuff on the first three records, but to me it was with Rust In Peace (1990) that I realized what a good band they were. Also that was the line-up, Mustaine, Megadeth’s co-founder and Mustaine’s partner in crime David Ellefson on bass, Marty Friedman on lead guitar and Nick Menza on drums, that to me count as their “classic” line-up.

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2 comments on “Megadeth – Dystopia

    • I’m not that familiar with Budgie. But the song is really great on this album. Maybe I should take some time and give them a shot.

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