Primal Fear – Rulebreaker

RulebreakerFirst a confession: I have never given Primal Fear the time of day. Sure, I have heard about them and I knew of them, but I have never ever given them a fair chance. Why? Well, see, since the odd tune have popped up here and there, their music to me, sounded much like the kind of German power metal that I really never understood. Apart from Helloween’s Keeper Of The Seven Keys (1987, 1988)albums and Avantasia’s records from The Scarecrow (2008) up until now, European power metal makes me crawling through my skin. Then again, I don’t label Avantasia’s music power metal anyway, to me that’s just melodic metal and hard rock. Also, the fact that their singer is one Ralph Scheepers, once in Kai Hansen’s Gamma Ray (ok, I am a fan of Gamma Ray’s debut album Heading For Tomorrow (1990) as well) and their bass player is Mat Sinner (Sinner) told me that this band was just that – a power metal unit. So I have never given a rat about this band at all which means that there are 10 records worth of music by Primal Fear that have never reached my ears.

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