Avantasia – Angel of Babylon

avantasia_angel-of-babylonNot since the days of 1991 when Guns N’ Roses decided on releasing two double albums at the same time have we gotten ourselves a similar treat. In Guns N’ Roses’ case, they showed us that just because you have lots and lots of music lying around does not mean that it have to be released. Use Your Illusion were two uneven albums and many of us wished that they had just reduced it to one single album, that album could have – and probably would have – been a total masterpiece. Would the same be said of Tobias Sammett’s Avantasia extravaganza? I mean, the guy is obviously an extremely talented songwriter, but here we get 22 new songs on two albums, written, produced and arranged by Sammett and not only that, there is a story behind it as well that he has written. Be that the story is a continuation of Avantasia’s last three albums, but it still needs to be put down to paper. Well, after being totally floored by the “first” album, The Wicked Symphony, I can’t say I’m worried that Angel Of Babylon could turn out as a total disaster, quite the contrary, my expectations just might be a bit too high.

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