Meat Loaf – Hang Cool Teddy Bear

52336Meat Loaf. What is there really to say about the guy? Or rather, what’s NOT to say about the guy? The guy is nothing short of a rock icon, but to say that his career has been a rocky one is to put things mildly. Since his legendary debut album Bat Out Of Hell (1977) (well, in all honesty, he and a chick named Shaun Murphy released an album under the Stoney & Meat Loaf back in 1971), he have kept on releasing hit records and flop records one after the other, in an ever flowing stream.  All three of his Bat Out Of Hell records have been very good and so were the Bat Out Of Hell follow-up Dead Ringer (1981) and the criminally underrated, Mack-produced Bad Attitude (1984).

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2 comments on “Meat Loaf – Hang Cool Teddy Bear

  1. 3/10 ChainSaw Charlie Time! Meat imploded after that 2 Bat Out Of Hell took off like a rocket…didn’t even realize he was still plunking out material…

    • Yeah, well, he put out some fine records after Bat 2 however this wasn’t one of them. And this album’s follow-up, Hell In A Handbasket, wasn’t much better. A new one is set for early spring 2016, where Jim Steinman is back in the game. Let’s hope they have got their shit together for that one.

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