Crashdïet – Generation Wild

crashdiet-generationwildThird album, third singer. Crashdïet haven’t had the best of luck with their singers, with original singer Dave Lepard (David Hellman) committing suicide just when they had gathered some well-deserved recognition after their critically acclaimed debut album Rest In Sleaze (2005) and Olliver Twisted leaving after just one album, the very underrated follow-up The Unattractive Revolution (2007) to go back to his native Finland and his own band Reckless Love. But to give up a career that just keep moving forward after each album were never an option for the rest of the boys. After months of speculation the Diet settled with Simon Cruz, a local name and known only to people with insight in the Swedish glam / sleaze scene. Apparently Cruz was on their wish list as Lepard’s replacement but the time just wasn’t right at that point.

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