Find Me – Dark Angel

find me - dark angelIf you have been a reader of my reviews for a while now, I guess you all know that I have a band name-issue. Yes, I have a problem with band names that I think blow and I have even dismissed records because I thought the band name was bad, so bad that there would be no chance in Hell that said record would be any good. Well, that way to reason has bitten my ass several times by now, so now when someone recommends a band to me, I check it out no matter what the band’s name is. Of course, a band name like Find Me puzzles me big time. No, it is not the greatest name in the world and frankly, I’m really curious how the founders of this project, Daniel Flores (The Murder Of My Sweet, Issa, Seventh Wonder) on drums and keyboards and lead singer Robbie Leblanc (Blanc Faces), thought when they picked the name. -“Hey, man, I got some killer tunes”. -“Yeah, me too. We should do something”. – “Yeah. Let’s start a project and release the songs”. -“Cool. But we need a name for the project”. -“Yeah. I know a killer name. Find Me! How about that?” – “Awesome!!!!”.

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