Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Letters From the Labyrinth

Letters From The LabyrinthI love Trans-Siberian Orchestra! For me, it was love at first sight (listen) with them. Of course, it was through Savatage I got acquainted with them as in the beginning, TSO were Savatage with another name and a whole bunch of lead singers instead of one. Musically, the difference between the two wasn’t huge, but where Savatage were more metal, TSO operated more in the vein of operatic and musical arrangements, but the foundation, core and style are things that both projects have had in common. The first album I ever heard with TSO was their debut, Christmas Eve And Other Stories (1996) and it completely had me by hello – it is still a huge favorite record of mine and I’d give it 10/10 without any hesitation. In my home, this record is a must every year at the Christmas holidays and I play that album to death during that time of year – I get goosebumps every time I hear “An Angel Came Down”. Its follow-up Christmas Attic (1998) is almost as good and another 10/10 – in later years I have been playing that record as well during the holidays to keep things a bit more varied. I don’t know if it is the Christmas theme that has gotten TSO a huge touring act in the U.S. or if it is the combination of their grandiose music and their exceptional stage show – google the band and watch the live pics and tell me you’re not impressed – but the fact is, this is a big thing over there.

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