Cats In Space – Too Many Gods

Cats In Space - Too Many GodsAlright, here we go again. What, you might ask. Well, I have written in several other reviews that I have issues with crappy band names and that I sometimes just don’t give a rat about a band because I think their name blows dog. Well, here’s a band name that will probably win the Gold medal for the worst band name ever. Just try it out. Look at it. Say it. Write it. Cats In Space. For in whoever’s sake, what were they thinking? You just do not name your band Cats In Space!!! Maybe the name has some underlying meaning that I’m clueless of, but I don’t care, you will never become huge and headline Wembley Arena if you call your band Cats In Space. And not only that, just look at the cover. For real? I just can’t get it through my skull why on Earth anyone would put out a product that looks like this – to me, this is a joke. So, you can imagine how I aroused I was when I found the e-mail with the link to this record. Well, I wasn’t. And I can assure you that if I hadn’t gotten that e-mail, I would never have checked this band out. But, for once, the stupid name worked in the opposite direction – this time I thought, I just HAVE to hear what a band with such a name and an album cover like this sounded like. I also found some interesting well-known names dropped in the press release as well.

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