Def Leppard – Def Leppard

Def LeppardWhen I was a kid, my family had a pretty big motor boat, the kind that you could live in, which meant that when my parents took their vacation during the summer, we were off to the Swedish archipelago for five weeks, cruising around small islands where we would stay for a day or two and then off to the next. My best friend back then’s family also had a boat, one just like ours so we would spend our vacations together. Now, as me and my brother both were addicted to music already as kids, a tape recorder was a must to bring along, a vacation without our beloved music wasn’t even under discussion. That mean that I put all of my records on tape before the vacation started to bring along for the ride. The summer of 1983, my best then friend Richard brought along another of our mutual friends, Patrik who brought along a tape he has gotten from a friend at school that had Van Halen’s debut album on one side and the new Def Leppard album Pyromania on the other. Before that summer I hadn’t heard either records and that tape floored us all completely and was probably the only tape we played those five weeks.

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5 comments on “Def Leppard – Def Leppard

  1. Shoot. Well, truthfully you make a good case here. Meanwhile over at HMO’s site, I pledged that I had decided not to buy this, based on reviews. Now you post this! I don’t know what to do.

    And you know me, I have to have all the tracks. That means I’d have to buy the Classic Rock and Japanese versions. $$$

  2. I reviewed this as well JON and said it was there best also since Slang and perhaps even Hysteria! Agree if your looking for Pyro Leppard it ain’t happening but if u can look past that you will find it may surprise ones listening!
    Great job,….

    • Oh, did you? Sorry, been super busy so I haven’t had the time to check out anything lately…
      I will definitely check out your review, Deke.

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